The journey begins

Hello! I’m Fredrik, Swedish guy, just entered my 30’s. I suppose the older you get, the better you figure out who you are and what you want with life. At least that’s how I’ve felt up until now! Life has made more and more sense, and I’ve felt that maybe this “life” thing will work out after all!

Well, I will not get into it too deeply, because that’s not at all what this blog is supposed to be about! Let’s just say that I wanted a big change, and last week I ended up in Cancún, Mexico, simply because it’s usually the cheapest airport to arrive in when wanting to go to Central America. That’s a pro-tip right there! Cancún, write it down, and search for cheap flights.

I’ve wanted to travel through the countries in Central America for a long time, to practice my Spanish, and just see what it’s like (and cross off more visited countries, as I aim to have visited all of them one day). And I stumbled upon the idea to buy a bicycle and travel that way, for the freedom (and low costs). This will be the lowest budget trip possible, hopefully less than $500 USD per month. ($5-10 USD for per night at hostels (and preferably other options), $5-10 USD for food,  and then room for unexpected extra expenses.) I will keep track on what I spend, and share what places, restaurants, hostels, roads etc are like.

First off, here’s the bike I bought yesterday, in Playa del Carmen! (It’s a pretty nice beach city you can get to directly from the Cancún airport, it’s 1 hour by bus.) There are many bike shops on 30 Avenida / calle 30, and I went in and asked what they had, and settled with this one.01 Fredde with bikeWhat I ended up buying:
– Bike with lots of gears, new and shiny
– Small rack behind me, to put my backpack on
– Basket in the front to put water and other things I want to reach quickly
– Padlock
– Pump and tire repair kit

I spent about 2000 MXN (around 100 USD) for it all, which I felt was cheap, but maybe it’s a crappy bike, I can’t really know! (Until it breaks in the middle of the road somewhere.)

Alright, I think this is enough for today! Tomorrow I will begin with my first distance; going from Playa del Carmen to Tulum! Wish me luck! 🙂


3 thoughts on “The journey begins”

    1. Hehe, thank you, but I’m actually making this blog mostly for friends and for future bike travelers who need information or inspiration. 🙂 But sure, everyone is welcome to read!


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