33 mahahual
Mahahual is a tiny coastal town at the very “end” of Mexico. Although there is a number of fancy resort hotels nearby, it’s still a very calm and not too touristy place. Hostels are not very cheap, but 200 pesos per night at Bambu Hostel definitely feels worth it! Cozy simple atmosphere, dinner (one specific dish per day) for 50 pesos per person, and 20 meters to the beach.34 Bambu hostel

39 hostel inside
35 bambu hostel fanThe former picture is me inside the hostel, right in front of the beach.

One detail I want to add which is new to me, is that although the dorm rooms don’t have air-con, each bed has its own fan. It’s gives a lot of individual control of the temperature, and at least for me, it works great!

37 mahahual
The water is very calm, mostly very smooth sand, and it doesn’t get very deep. Perhaps not super exciting, but nice to just chill and hang out in the water.36 swimmingHere’s me posing like one of Leo’s French girls.38 mahahual
I guess that’s it from here! I’ll get back to you when I decide to get back on the road!


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