My days in Managua passed quickly. Was staying with a couchsurfing host for a couple of nights, and we went to a cool bar with an impressive jazz band playing, and they had Uno, which we of course tried out. Was fun, but it took forever. Uno, seriously…

in lagoon
We also went on a trip to the Apoyo lagoon. It was a pretty and calm place, and reminded me of the lakes in Sweden.
Laguna de Apoyo Selfie
We swam a lot, and then sat down looking out over the water, and spent minutes in silence to just enjoy the tranquility.
Managua gang
The gang!

I also met up with a long-time fan of my music, and he had been excited to meet me now that I would end up visiting his city in frikkin’ Nicaragua.

mario kart
We ended up being a whole bunch of people playing Nintendo Switch, and it was a lot of fun! First I owned at Mario Kart, Arms and Snipperclips, then I ended up last at Just Dance.
Just Dance
When it was time to get to the airport at night, they were kind enough to drive me! It was a great ending to my Central American trip.

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