Trip summary

biking summary

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– Days: 45
– Biking distance: 1226 km (Plus another 800 km or so by car/bus)
– Countries: 6 (Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.)
– Total expenses: $535 USD (Plus roughly $100 for the bike)
– Tire changes/repairs: 3
– Times robbed: 0
– Times I’ve met mean people: 0

General stuff:
– Worst accident: Lost my credit card at the very beginning.
– Luckiest accident(s): All the ones I avoided and didn’t die.
– Happiest moment: This won’t make sense, but I was simply biking, being in the moment with no worries or pressure about the future. And I felt happy. I don’t think I’ve experienced a pure feeling like that before.
– Worst moment(s): All those times I was completely out of energy and had to just sit down on the road and rest, wondering how the heck I’d be able to reach my destination.
– Newest and most interesting experience: When I didn’t have enough cash to enter Belize, and spent an hour trying to sell my shoes and jacket to locals. I got a sense of what it’s like to be poor and needing to bug people in order to survive!
– Most awkward moment: I was hanging out a little bit with a Brit in Guatemala, and he had briefly mentioned a girlfriend. When we were swimming in the lake, I teased him a little about why he’s out traveling the world instead of being with his girlfriend! He got very serious, and I realized something had gone wrong. “Was this a sensitive topic?” I asked, and after a long moment, he revealed that they did start their trip together, but it hadn’t worked out and she had gone on her own towards Mexico. He then swam away out into the sea and I never saw him again. Oops!

Fight, countries, fight:
– Nicest people: Honduras
(Because it’s the only place where each city had people willing to hang/host me!)
– Least nice people: Guatemala
(Not a single host, though of course they may have been nice in other ways.)
– Nicest place to bike: Guatemala
(Beautiful landscape, not too hot, not too tiresome.)
– Worst place to bike: Honduras
(Maybe because I biked through the central mountainy areas, because that was just impossible!)
– Nicest hosts: I have to make this one a tie, between the family in Belize, and Ana Lucia and her family in Honduras. They both made me feel like home, and I hope we’ll meet again some day!
– Best food: The only thing that really stood out was the first meal I had after entering Honduras; tajadas with vegetables and chicken. It was amazing. Also there was an unusual burrito in Siguatepeque that was really good, also in Honduras. Ooooh, and the pizza at the beach restaurant in Belize! I might pick that one as number 1!

It’s surprising, but I think Honduras might have won!

And that’s the end of the blog! Thanks for reading, and I hope someone will find some useful information among all the posts. And that you’ve been decently entertained. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 🙂 Maybe I can add more details to this post if it makes sense.


12 thoughts on “Trip summary”

  1. Just spent a rainy afternoon in Bangkok reading your story and found it really interesting. Can’t wait for the blog about your next adventure. Thanks very much.


  2. WOW! It’s AMAZING to know that you were in my country Honduras and that it has been to your liking. What a shame not to know you were here. I follow you from 2012 with your Videogames and Cartoons covers. I hope you can go back to Honduras and get to see you. Greetings.

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  3. hmmmm not sure who sent me here, but that was some read! You have good story telling skills and are adventurous. were you not afraid of 1. falling sick 2. getting mugged, kidnapped or having to meet evil people? those are my main fears when I travel.


    1. Hey, wow, I had forgotten about this blog thing!

      Anyway, thank you! As for your questions:
      1. Sick? I don’t think I was more likely to get sick there, and I have pretty strong immune system. The thought hadn’t crossed my mind to be honest. 😀 If I’d get sick, I’d just relax and take it easy for a while until I recover I guess.
      2. Evil people?! Again, I don’t think they are more common in one country than another. If anything, people are kinder than ever in third world countries, at least if you’re humble and respectful. Fun-fact: The only time I’ve ever been mugged was in my own home-town in “safe” Sweden.

      But of course, don’t show valuables out in the open, don’t walk alone on sketchy streets in the middle of the night, and use common sense. 🙂

      Hope that helped, and thanks for reading!


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