León to Managua

Z Leon to Managua
First a little hostel story:
Punche de oro seemed too good to be true! A really friendly guy took me to a private room with bathroom (including towel, toilet paper roll and soap) and gave me his WhatsApp so I could message him the next day when I wanted breakfast. All for roughly $5 USD!

Then a little later, he came back and said “sooo sorry, I mixed things up. You’re meant to stay in the dorm. I’ll show you.” It ended up being a small room with four beds crammed into it, and the bathroom was far away and didn’t even have a sink. “But if you pay 5 extra, you can stay in the private room,” he said with a smile.

I said the dorm was fine, and his smile faded. After that, I felt he was not as nice anymore, and when I woke up the next morning and texted that breakfast at 9:30 would be great, he was half an hour late, and it was just three dry slices of toast and coffee.
I don’t even drink coffee.
boring breakfast
I don’t want to be too negative though. If it was a strategy from his side (I mean surely he knows the prices for his different rooms), I understand his disappointment when it failed. And it was still really cheap for a room where I ended up being the only guest.

Punche de Oro is alright, but perhaps spending half a dollar extra to live more centrally is worth it, and get your own breakfast elsewhere.

The laundry I had washed the previous night was still wet, so I was allowed to leave it and my other things at the hostel while I explored the city a little. First I had to walk roughly two kilometers on a straight street like shown above.

bus truck
You can walk or take one of these trucks that act like buses in the city, 4-5 Córdobas (barely $0.2 USD) per trip. They are often so packed that you feel like a tuna in a tuna can.

The cathedral is the main thing to see in León, and I wanted to go in and see the view from the roof (apparently you can do that), but it didn’t open until 2pm, so I missed it.
catedral de leon
I walked around a little more, but to be honest, this city is nothing special. I’ve heard that Granada is another similar city nearby that is much more interesting. I went back to the hostel to pick up my finally dry clothes and left for Managua.

van to managua
Took a truck to the bus terminal and then left León in a van for $61 Córdobas. Almost two hours later, I had reached the end of my Grand Central American Adventure.

Because I sold my bike a little earlier than planned, I now have four days to kill around Managua before leaving by plane.

I will tell more about that in my final update to this blog.