Felipe Carrillo Puerto

27 hostel
La casa de los sueños
The yellow building you see on the picture is a small hostel. I had booked for two nights via Airbnb.com and was happy with the price, but it turned out that they had set their Airbnb page wrong, having 2 nights still showing the price for 1.

I had just come from a long and exhausting bike ride, and they kept saying I should just go and rest and we’ll deal with it tomorrow! But I didn’t want to do that, because if it turns out to be overpriced (and falsely advertised), I would want to find another hostel instead. We argued and it was frustrating, and in the end, I said we’ll deal with it later.

That’s not the only complaint I have with this hostel though. The dorm room is hotter than any other room in Mexico ( I haven’t visited them all, but I can’t imagine anything warmer), and the ceiling fan does nothing to prevent me from sleeping in a puddle of my own sweat.
The WiFi is the complicated type where you have to go to a website and add a username and password, and because it keeps disconnecting all the time, you have to redo it, again and again. In the end I just went to the town’s central square (plaza), where they usually have free WiFi set up.

At least I could join up with an older Italian guy to buy some groceries and make some simple Italian cooking in the kitchen. Tasty and certainly the cheapest way to refill with carbs after a long intensive day!
26 Felipe Carrillo Puerto plaza
This is the town’s central square. Kind of cozy, but it’s probably the highlight of the town, except for a small museum nearby. It’s also far from the sea, so there really is no point staying here more than one night.

The day after arrival, I wasn’t as grumpy anymore. I woke up feeling rested, and managed to solve the payment problem by asking Airbnb nicely if they could return my online money, so I could pay cash instead. It was decently priced, 170 pesos per night, and now I will recommend this hostel if you need a night or two to rest.

28 bodega aurrera
In the morning, I went to buy some groceries at the cheap supermarket Mi Bodega Aurrera. In non-touristic places like this, these are some prices to expect (again, 20 pesos is roughly 1 USD, or almost 1 Euro):

Bananas – 13 pesos/kg
Mangos – 19 pesos/kg
Honeydew melons – 15 pesos/kg
Pineapple – 19 pesos/kg
Oranges – 12 pesos/kg
500g pasta – 10 pesos
590g cornflakes – 30 pesos
390g Fancier cereal (Special K/Nestle Fitness) – 30 pesos
1 liter of juice (mango, pineapple, Apple or others) – 12 pesos
1.5 liters of Fanta – 15 pesos
2 liters of Coca-Cola – 21 pesos
2 liters of bottled water – 8:50 pesos

I stayed only one night in this town. Perhaps not quite enough to recover fully, but I wanted to continue to a nicer place as soon as possible!