El Cuco

El Cuco
Today I decided to bike along El Cuco‘s coastline, to see what was up.

There are very few people to be seen, and except for a couple of hundred meters next to the “town”, there are barely any buildings either. Just beach and trees.
Endless beach
The dark sand is really silky smooth, not a rock as far as the eyes can see.

Funny birds
I saw these cute little birds jumping out of my way. And the absolute highlight of the day (which I was unable to capture) was that a big flock of bigger birds suddenly glided along the beach in the same direction as I was biking, and it was awesome to be right among them at almost the same speed, as if I were part of their gang. It was like a movie!

River crossing
I had to cross a couple of river outlets. Luckily they were not deep and I could bike through without getting stuck or drown.

El Cuco Selfie 2
I stopped four kilometers from the town, where you can find the more famous La Tortuga Verde hostel. It’s where I had originally planned to stay last night, but it would have been too far to bike in the darkness.

Also, I’ve read many bad reviews about the place.

Either way, there was not much to do there, just a couple of people swimming and a restaurant that is famous for being slow and overpriced. I biked back to find more affordable food near my hostel.

Hostal Casa de Canela
The small town is quite clean and cozy, but I can’t help but think that there are so many other places in the world that are at least as nice, but more affordable. The cheapest meal I could find was 5 USD, at a restaurant right next to the beach. The chicken was frighteningly tasty though! What did they do with this?!

I saw a lost Chinese girl walking on the beach, and I found it funny that even in a distant place like this, they can be found.

When I got back to the hostel, the same Chinese girl was there! And lo and behold, it turned out to be the same girl who had helped trying to fix my bike back in Flores, Guatemala! The world is so small!

Then I watched Sweden lose an important World Cup qualifying game against Bulgaria.

We also went to the beach together as the sun was setting, to try to take some nice pictures. I’ll end this update with some of those, as I can’t choose only one: