Felipe Carrillo Puerto – Mahahual

e fcp to mahahual
My plan had been to go straight towards Chemutal next to the Belizean border, but I was convinced to join another backpacker to take a detour to a final Mexican coastal town, called Mahahual.

Since it’s off my track, I decided to cheat a little, by letting a bus take me half the way. It costed 46 pesos per person for the 60 km trip, and it was modern and air-conditioned. We got off at a tiny place called Limones (which also has ruins, but we didn’t visit them), where my friend got on a 50 peso colectivo (a smaller bus, or van), and I started biking.

Limones – Mahahual (64 km)
I realized right away that this would be very tough. The frikkin’ wind! I didn’t think about it before, but it makes a crucial difference. And this road goes straight east towards the Caribbean sea, with a constant warm wind working against me non-stop. Every push took twice the effort and I had to pedal on a lower gear the entire trip.

Had to take a longer break after 20 km, and as if that wasn’t enough, the road got considerably worse right after.

After five hundred years, I had to check my GPS, and I was still only halfway. This route was just as tiresome as the 94 km one I biked the day before, and more monotonous than ever.

With 20 km left, I was once again sitting on the road, trying to muster up some final strength. At that point, I was out of water (again I had not brought enough), and I started holding out my bottle upside down whenever a car passed me, but no one was kind enough to stop.

“This is what I signed up for though!” I thought. A challenge, to see what I’m made of!

And I kept going.
32 Mahahual sign
With 5 km left, I was finally greeted by civilization again. A gas station,  where I could buy some water! After consuming 1 liter in a few seconds, the final stretch was easy, and I arrived in this beautiful little town right next to the beach!

I really look forward to a future distance where I arrive not completely exhausted! That would be nice.

Next update will be about Mahahual, the nicest place in Mexico I’ve visited so far!